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Junior Summer Camp 2023


Golf camp with Grace provides junior golfers with the information and tools to enjoy playing golf for a lifetime! The camp includes instruction on short game, full swing, and course management to give juniors the fundamentals needed to start this amazing game! 

Summer Session 1-
June 26-29 (Mon-Thurs); 8AM-11AM
8-12 Years Old
Summer Session 2-
July 10-13 (Mon-Thurs); 8AM-11AM
8-12 Years Old
Summer Session 3-
July 31-Aug 3 (Mon-Thurs); 9AM-11AM
5-7 Years Old
Summer Session 4-
Aug 21-24 (Mon-Thurs); 8AM-11AM
8-12 Years Old


Summer Session 1, 2, and 4- $300
Summer Session 3- $200

Camp Schedule-

1st Day- Focus is on short game. Juniors will be working on the fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker shots. They will also be going on the course to work on these shots.

2nd Day-Focus is on the full swing. Juniors will be learning how to swing an iron, wood and driver. They will also learn how to aim and practice their pre-shot routine. 

3rd Day- The third day will be a mix of what they learned during the previous two days. They will then go on the course and work on course management.

4th Day- The final day of camp will on the course. They will be going through different challenges and learn to put everything they learn to the test!

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